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Katsuyama is another former castle town about a one-hour train ride west from Kifu no Sato and was also once a post town along the Izumo Road.  The Katsuyama historical preservation area was chosen to be “one of the best 100 stroll streets in Japan” featuring the beautiful “Noren” (shop curtains) made by local dye artist, Yoko Kano.
Walking through this colourful and yet unpretentious town with norens waving in the breeze, one can feel the energy, resilience and the openness of the small merchants and local residents.  Seeing their properties elegantly matured with age and decorated with each unique noren naturally uplifts your spirit. The “Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) is another charm of this town. In March, more than 160 households and shops exhibit their treasured Hina doll displays.

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