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  • Auberge Kifu no Sato Cuisine
  • Auberge Kifu no Sato Cuisine
  • Auberge Kifu no Sato Cuisine
  • Auberge Kifu no Sato Cuisine
  • Auberge Kifu no Sato Cuisine
Our finest seasonal cuisine is prepared with local natural blessings to capture and showcase the best each season has to offer from the Seto Inland sea, the Sea of Japan, and the mountains.
Yunogo Onsen is located in the mountainous region between the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan, about one and a half hours from each coast. Every morning, the first catch arrives by truck in a fresh water tank loaded. The easy access from both the Okayama and Tottori ports has brought forth a new culinary culture into the mountanious areas in recent decades.

We offer three types of kaiseki multi-course meals for you to choose from to suit your preferences.

For those with allergy and dietary requirements

Standard seasonal kaiseki course
Our master chef’s layers of techniques highlight the natural flavours of the seasonal local ingredients to maximum advantage. It is a complete work of art. If you have trouble choosing the course, this is our recommendation. It consists of around 10 dishes made with a combination of fresh ingredients unique to the area from both the sea and the mountains. The Standard Seasonal Kaiseki course has satisfied a wide range of guests.  

Quality more than quantity
Recommended for guests who prefer to eat fewer selected dishes These five to six dishes have been carefully chosen to represent the taste of Okayama packed with local seasonal freshness.  

Luxurious “Zei no Gozen” kaiseki course
Perfect for marking anniversaries and making your stay extra special This popular course features local delicacies representative of each season such as abalone and premium quality beef, all of the freshest and highest quality. Each dish from the start to the end is thoroughly luxurious.  

Choice-Of-Dishes Menu
  • Exclusive Chiya Beef Fillet Steak Kaiseki Course
    This course is currently not available.
  • Top-class wagyu beef fillet steak kaiseki course
    This course is currently not available.
  • Premium quality Wagyu beef shabu-shabu kaiseki course
    Shabu-shabu kaiseki, a sumptuous meal of specially selected Wagyu beef loin, is available year-round at Kifu-no-sato. The meat with just the right amount of sashi is surprisingly tender, and the flavor that spreads in your mouth is exquisite. We serve it with confidence.
  • Premium quality Wagyu Beef sukiyaki kaiseki course
    The carefully selected special wagyu beef and sukiyaki meet to create a blissful one-pot dinner. The moderately marbled loin meat and fresh mountain delicacies unique to Yunogo are a special delicacy that can only be enjoyed here and will unintentionally bring a smile to your face.

Special Winter Menu
  • Winter luxury fugu (pufferfish) dinner course
    Fugu is unlike any other fish. It is odorless and not heavy like meat. It is easy to overeat if you are not careful. Our chef who is an expert with this delicacy, will prepare you a luxurious course meal to make your stay extra special.
  • Wild game (boar) miso shabu-shabu hotpot course
    The main ingredient of the dish is local wild boar. Odorless and richer in taste than pork, after it’s cooked, please dip in homemade miso and Japanese pepper sauce. Enjoy a divine taste which can be only experienced here.

Special Autumn menu
  • Autumn Luxury – Everything Matsutake mushroom course
    The thought of eating much-sought-after Matsutake mushrooms never leaves one’s mind during the autumn season. Not only do we offer a grilled Matsutake mushroom dish and a sukiyaki featuring this delicacy, but also a shabu-shabu with the mushroom and dagger-tooth pike conger eel. You will experience bliss savouring this taste of autumn which evolved from a rather simple steamed-pot dish.

Dining Halls/Rooms

Our recommendations to suit your stay

  • Dining Hall “Yamaboshi/Dogwood”
    The tranquil ambience is perfect for couples. Enjoy the meal whilst admiring the garden.
  • Dining Hall “Zakuro/Pomegranate”
    Suitable for small parties with your good friends. Have a great meal enjoying colourful and tasty dishes.
  • Dining/Tea Room “Sansoka/Wild Flowers”
    A dining room where you can kick back and relax while enjoying our dishes in private.
  • Dining room “Karin-tei”
    This room is ideal for a small gathering such as a family reunion. It will make a wonderful memory having a fun and lively time over a special meal.
  • Meals in your room
    If you are with small children, you have the option to have meals in your room. Feel right at home at Kifu no Sato in Yunogo Onsen Town.
  • Banquet Hall “Sakura”
    Karaoke machine is available in this hall. It is spacious enough for 50 people. This room is open to locals as well.

* Please note that we do not take bookings for the dining halls/rooms. [Having meals in your own room] Although meals can be taken in one of our dining halls, they may also be enjoyed in all suites and rooms except for the Japanese-style twin rooms with western beds. If you would like this service (2,000 yen excluding tax per person), please inform us in advance by adding a note to the online booking form. We are sorry that we will not be able to accommodate any changes on the day of arrival.