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Osafune Sword Town

The samurai sword symbolises the spirit of the samurai. It represents authority, honour and respect. The Town of Osafune is renowned for the quality of the swords made here down the centuries, and the skill of its craftsmen. The local iron sand, clay and wood-burning fire made for a unique combination setting Bizen swords apart from those made elsewhere. Even today, Osafune boasts a thriving sword-making community as can be witnessed at the Token Village. Here one can see ancient swords on display and artisans demonstrating the making of blades and the sword fittings.

Bizen Pottery

The properties of the local iron ore and natural water are what have made Bizen blades so famous. These qualities also contribute to the magnificence of Bizen pottery. You will be captivated by the variety of colours and textures on the creations which are all non-glazed. You are invited to make your own Bizen pottery at Isezaki Kyo Pottery Studio (if possible please book one month in advance through us).

Bizen Pottery Traditional and Contemporary Art Museum
Open: Tuesday-Sunday 09:30 – 17:00 (inquire about New Year holiday season)
Admission(adults): 700 yen
Address: 1659-6 Inbe, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 0869-64-1400
WEB: https://www.japanhoppers.com/en/chugoku/bizen/kanko/387/

Korakuen Garden

It was awarded three Michelin stars in 2007 and also designated as one of the “Three Great Gardens” of Japan. Upon entering, one can understand why. Designed and landscaped in the late 17th century by the Daimyo (Lord) of Okayama, Korakuen is to be enjoyed for its beauty in every season and continues to delight visitors to this day.

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