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Five dining halls/rooms to suit your taste

Kifu no Sato boasts five dining halls/rooms to suit you and your companions’ style of stay, as couples or together with family or friends with each having its own characteristic features to ensure your comfort. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can dine in your own room or in one of our private rooms. We offer a room to ensure privacy and quiet atomosphere for couples. For our guests with limited mobility, we have chairs regardless of your group size.

1. Dining Hall YAMABOSHI/DOGWOOD: Enjoy the tranquil garden view

You can relax your legs under the Japanese Horigotatsu table and enjoy your meals comfortably whilst admiring the garden. Horigotatsu is a type of traditional Japanese table that’s low to the ground and has a recessed floor beneath it so that people can stretch out their legs.

non-smoking area with each table seating 2-4 people

2. Dining Hall ZAKURO/POMEGRANATE: A good time guaranteed for groups

This hall is equipped with tables that sit 3-5 people comfortably. Come with your female friends and/or your family to have a memorable time whilst enjoying the garden view.

non-smoking area with each table seating 2-6 people

3. Dining Room SANSOKA/Wild Flowers: Enjoy your meal wrapped in gentle light through the sliding doors featuring a special glass window

You can either sit on the floor or eat at the table in this private room. Usually quiet during the week. It is often used by families with small children on the weekends, who bring good cheer to the room.

non-smoking area for 2-6 people

4. Dining room KARIN-TEI: Enjoy the harmony of elegance and liveliness

This is a traditional tatami-matted Japanese room with one part being *horigotatsu space. For your parties, you can have a Japanese setting with low tables or western-style sitting at tables. *Horigotatsu is a type of traditional Japanese table that’s low to the ground and has a recessed floor beneath it so that people can stretch out their legs.

non-smoking area for 4-18 people

5. Banquet Hall SAKURA: A good time guaranteed for all

It can accommodate up to 50 people. Please inform the staff when booking which styles of setting you prefer, sitting on the floor or at tables. Recently ladies in yukata tend to prefer to sit at tables. A karaoke system and a projector can be set up in this hall.

non-smoking area for 50 people
Other facilities to make your stay more enjoyable

Café/Rest Area “HANARONDO”

An enticing aroma of roasted coffee beans may envelop the reception/foyer area around check-out time. Our original blend coffee on the menu is served in a locally- crafted Bizen-pottery cup. Favoured not only by children but also by ladies after a soak in a bath is a soft-serve ice cream in a cone as well as freshly prepared fruit juice. You can surf the net here accessing the free wifi. Feel free to use the space for work and research sitting at our hand-crafted table.


Souvenir shop “HANAKAGO”

Though the space is limited, we have an array of handmade souvenir items selected with great care for their quality and taste . Bizenware among other craft items represent the high level of local craftsmanship. Food items range from ones to give away to those consumed at home or straightaway on transport back home. A selection of sake on display includes the locally produced brand made from the legendary Omachi rice. A range of jam and pickles to pick from and toys and key chains for children. Also popular beauty products include the local Yunogo Onsen brand mist spray bottle, soap bars and shampoo bottles.

Karaoke room ”Kodemari”

It is for 2-15 people and run by first-come-first-served booking system. There is also an entertainment complex nearyby where you can enjoy bowling, karaoke and playing games.
Kodemari opening hours:20:00〜23:00
Price:500 yen per hour per person excluding tax

Beauty Treatment Room “Megumi”

Our treatment room offers a range of body/facial massage menus to unwind and balance your skin. Foot massage covers from the toes to the inner thighs. The upper body from the waist, shoulders and arms. The facial menus treat the face and the scalp. We have a wide range of devices and equipment to provide ultrasonic wave treatment, anti-oxidant masssage, the Chinese herbal CO2 facial mask and micro collagen nourishment to revitalise your skin.

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