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The island has achieved a status as Japan’s art island in recent years. A short 20-minute journey by ferry brings you to Naoshima, once a traditional fishing village. You’ll enjoy walking in alleyways in laid- back neighbourhoods visiting old houses exhibiting comtemporary art installations (Art House Profeject) and taking a break in one of the charming cafes/eateries. The island’s main features are the Benesse House complex and Chichu Art Museum, both designed by the renowned architect Tadao Ando. http://www.benesse-artsite.jp/en/naoshima/



Is considered one of the “three great scenic views of Japan” and was recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the A-bomb Dome in the centre of downtown Hiroshima. The huge vermillion gate “floating” on the water has become one of the iconic images of Japan over the years.

“The islands of the Inland Sea are among the last places on earth where men rise with the sun and where streets are dark and silent by nine at night. Here is the last of old Japan, this valley-like sea where the waters turn green or blue with the season, where the islands stand black against the horizon or lie like folded fur under the noonday sun, where the blue and silver of towns and villages merge with the rich yellows, browns, and greens of the patchwork land. These islands are extraordinarily beautiful, and a part of their beauty is that it is passing.”

“I see nothing but empty waters and islands, one behind another, like submerged mountain ranges, tan and green fading into ochre and indigo, then into distant blue and violet. The air is still and there is no sound except for the birds, squabbling as they did generations before.”

from The Inland Sea by Donald Richie, Published by Stone Bridge Press in 1971

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