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COVID19 countermeasure
2020.07.28  News

Hello everyone,


During this trying time, when coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing, most of us here might still be anxious about the virus.

Because of that, our ryokan has improved the already existing countermeasure, to make sure our guests can stay here and relax without worries.


<Our existing countermeasures for staffs>

・Measuring temperature before working and punching a time card

・Thoroughly disinfect the guest room

・Wear a mask when interacting with our guests


<Additional countermeasure>

・Using special Ozone generator to decontaminate further


<What we ask of our dear guests>
We will humbly ask our dear guests about their current physical condition and travel history to overseas via email or phone call. On the check-in day, we will ask our guests to take a questionnaire about their body condition, and have our staff measure their body temperature.

In the case of our dear guests having a fever or show any symptoms relating to the said virus, we might have to follow the “public health organization” and “consultation center for returnee and possible carrier” ‘s instruction.

Thank you for your understanding.


<Our staffs infection prevention>

  1. Thoroughly wash our hands
    – We insist on having our staff wash and sanitize their hands with alcohol very thoroughly before work.
  2. Disinfect every nook and cranny that has been touches
    – We regularly disinfect the place where there would be a lot of people touching, for instance, doorknob, telephone, cash register, keyboard, water faucet, and so on.
  3. Health management
    – We carefully measure every employee’s temperature before punching the time card.
    – We use the “Heath Check Sheet” for every staff member and encourage them to efficiently maintain their own health.
    – If it appears that one of them has over 37.5 degrees fever, we will have them stop working instantly.
  4. Air ventilation
    – We regularly ventilate a public space, such as backyard, office, guest rooms, lobby.
  5. Ask our business partners to cooperate with this policy
    – We requested them to wash and sanitize their hands before coming into our ryokan.


<Guests infection prevention>

  1. We humbly ask our guests to use the alcohol at the front door to sanitize their hands before checking-in and after coming back from going out. (Besides the front door, there are also alcohol placed in the elevator and each floor)
  2. We clean and decontaminate our shuttle bus before and after use.
  3. Besides cleaning and disinfecting the guest rooms and public spaces, we regularly ventilate the room and place as a mean to prevent the virus too.


We are truly overjoyed that our guests take their time to visit us during this crisis. For that, we intend to do our best on these countermeasures, so everyone can be relieved and comfortably relax in our ryokan.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation