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Rooms and Suites

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  • Guest room
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  • Guest room

Feel right at home in the ageless atmosphere of simplicity and tranquility where the picture scrolls and flower arrangements create a sweet melody throughout the seasons

The aroma of the wooden furnishings will invite you to deep relaxation.
This is your home away from home.

Suite with a hot spring bath

Soak in our natural hot spring to your heart’s content
Suite — a blissful relaxation guaranteed with a natural hot spring bath attached
Nojikiku (Japanese Daisy)Laxury suite

The bath in the suite was created with your ultimate comfort in mind. Though not an open-air bath in the traditional sense of the word, the window facing the garden can be opened, so regardless of the weather, you can enjoy the fresh air. As such, you can have a deep soak to your heart’s content in the hot bath filled from the natural spring whose quality is said to be the best in Western Japan.
The guest room was designed to look like a traditional deck attached to the house on which you can enjoy the view of the Japanese garden with the Chugoku mountain range as its background. Highly recommended for it is the best space to revel in the seasonal changes unique to our area.

Floor plan and Room facilities
Miyako-wasure (Gymnaster)Classical suite

This suite’s unique design to fit the indoor bath right next to the bedroom attracts couples and families. You can enjoy each other’s company whilst staying in your preferred space. It’s a perfect set-up for a leisurely bath time. Moreover, having the two styles of living rooms together allow even a large group of guests to feel uncrowded and comfortable. Another essential fixture of the suite is the exquisite flower arrangement piece which is the largest in our inn. Enjoy the elegant fusion of refined Japanese style and the sophisticated modern taste that this suite creates.

Floor plan and Room facilities
Hiougi (Leopard Lily)Highest grade suite

This suite represents our definition of “Ryokan Luxury” combining the modern convenience of a resort suite and the calmness and comfort of a Japanese-style room. This is a room where you can comfortably savour your meal, enjoy an open-air bath, and fall into a deep slumber on a semi-double Simmons bed. This is also the only space where you feel you don’t need to go outside of our ryokan. Enjoy, to your heart’s content, the open-air bath whose mineral waters are completely natural. I hope you will make the most of your time thoroughly relishing “Ryokan Luxury” in this suite.

Floor plan and Room facilities
Semi Suite
Peony (Botan)

“I don’t want to go back home” said one of our regular guests when she stepped into this room.
This suite was created based on the same concept as our Highest Grade Suite “Hiougi/Leopard Lily”. It is simple and spacious consisting of a room with two semi-double beds and a tatami lounge.
Though it doesn’t come with an open-air bath, our endeavour to provide your home away from home is best proven with this room attracting the most repeat guests. The space is serene with a residential feel, any part of the suite invites you into deep relaxation.

Floor plan and Room facilities
Room with open-air bath
Open-air bath room

This room is highly recommended for a memorable stay by having an open-air bath whenever you desire and sharing quality time with your companion(s). There are two types of room depending on your preferred natural view outside. You may select either a first floor room with a private garden or one on the 4th floor to take pleasure in the stars at night.
【Rooms with a garden view】
You can take a leisurely look at the garden under the broad sky. Please relax and enjoy the supreme experience of staying in this room.
【Star-view rooms on the 4th floor】
Soaking in the open-air bath under a dazzling starry sky would make anyone want to come back again and again. Take pleasure in the stars at night to your heart’s content.

【Star view rooms on the 4th floor】
The open-air bath that you enter while looking at the beautiful starry sky. It made you feel that want to spend relaxing time in a comfortable space again and again all the night.

Japanese-Style Room
Japanese-Style Room

The Japanese passion for the sukiya architectural style started when the popularity of the Way of Tea was at its height. The word sukiya indicates not only the style of a Japanese room but also suggests one’s playul mind/hospitality. The owner chooses every one of the tea ceremony elements, its equipment, a picture scroll, ceiling panels and pillars for this space with the intention of entertaining and communicating his or her hospitality to the guests. That’s how the culture of Japanese communication has been nurtured and refined over time.

Japanese-Style Twin Room
Japanese-Style Twin Room

These four rooms have been highly favoured since the ryokan’s opening. In order to maintain the comfort and the elegant simplicity, they have been renovated several times.
Perfect for guests with limited mobility and also for those who want to lie down and relax straightaway. Also popular among single travellers.
The rooms can meet a wide range of needs.

[Room facilities]
32-inch LCD TV with satellite service (NHK),Refrigerator,Washlet toilet
[Amenity service]
Hand towel / Soap / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap /
Ladies set (shower cap and hair clip) / Razor /
Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Yukatas / Comb / Brush /
Bath towel / Hairdryer / Cotton swab
[Items on request]
Humidifier / DVD player (reservation required)