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For those with allergy and dietary requirements

湯湯郷温泉旅館 季譜の里 館内施設

Your dietary requirements don’t stop us from providing you with delicious meals

We cater to anyone with dietary requirements: vegetarians, vegans, those with gluten and fish allergies, people with diabetes and kidney problems, those who wish to have light meals to care for their digestive systems after surgery, and people who refrain from eating meat or consuming alcohol for religious or other reasons.

We would like everyone to enjoy our quality food without any worries even if you observe a set of dietary requirements.

We will be absolutely thorough in the preparation to cater to any type of allergy. This cannot be done in an ordinary eatery. Booking at least a few days before your arrival makes this service possible.

We are happy to cater to any requests you may have. Please come and enjoy delicious meals at Kifu no Sato.

Examples of how we cater to different types of dietary requirements

Egg and dairy allergies
“One of my children is allergic to both eggs and dairy products.”

We replace all egg and dairy items with alternative food items.
Please let us know in detail, for example, whether your child can eat eggs if cooked or they can’t eat eggs even if they are only used in the batter, etc.

bread-crumbed fried prawn→fried chicken
mayonnaise →Worcestershire sauce
hamburger steak →grilled fish
cream stew→miso soup
custard pudding→fruit jelly

A standard breakfast menu includes bread made with eggs and dairy products. If you prefer bread made with soy milk, please let us know.

Shellfish allergy
“I cannot eat crab, the main dish for winter.”

We serve snow crabs grilled on charcoal as our main dish in winter. Though we do have a kaiseki course meal featuring steak, if you would like to have the same kaiseki meal with your companions, we can just replace the crab dish with either fish or meat depending on your chosen course meal. Please let us know if there are any further requests.

grilled crab→puffer fish shabu-shabu style hot pot
crab rice→puffer fish rice porridge

“I can’t eat either crabs or prawns, but I still want to go for the luxurious “Zei no Gozen” kaiseki course.”

This meal plan comes with raw Ise-ebi spiny lobster pieces. However, we can offer you an abalone or a local Chiya beef dish instead.

Ise-ebi spiny lobster→abalone
grilled crab→steamed abalone or an increased portion of Chiya beef

Raw fish allergy
“I cannot eat sashimi (raw fish).”

We can cook the fish slices and serve them in the usual way and keep all the other dishes the same as the others. We could change the sashimi to sautéed chicken or cold pork shabu-shabu if requested.

sashimi→cooked fish slices, sautéed chicken or cold pork shabu-shabu

We will cook for a short time at a high temperature to preserve the taste. We will only use fish which keeps its taste even when cooked.

Fish allergy
“I cannot eat any fish even as a soup stock.”

We will replace the tuna stock used for most of the dishes with konbu kelp and shiitake mushroom stock.

We will serve meat, vegetables, a variety of tofu, or pieces of wheat gluten instead of fish. A number of dishes will stay the same. We can change the ingredients for large hot-pot dishes such as Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki.

Gluten free
“I cannot eat miso or soy sauce.”

The type of miso we use is made from rice, not wheat. Also the wheat allergen naturally disappears in the fermenting process for Japanese soy sauce (Tamari) and vinegar so we think it’s safe to use them. However, please consult with us if you are concerned.

We will cook simmered vegetables and similar dishes without soy sauce and instead use a stock, salt, rice wine and sugar etc.
plum blossom-shaped wheat gluten in a dish of simmered vegetables→flower-shaped simmered carrot
ball-shaped wheat gluten in a clear soup→tied yuba tofu
salad→cooked vegetables

For the most part, all the above food items are homemade so we can alter the ingredients.
When we buy ready-made food items, we will pay our utmost attention to removing those items with gluten.

“I cannot eat rich food because I have diabetes.”

Our meals include plenty of vegetables and are prepared with a nutritious balance in mind. You can adjust the amount of rice, if you wish. Please let us know if you want to refrain from greasy food or prefer food cooked with less salt.

Ice cream→fruit
soy sauce→Low-salt soy sauce

Kidney trouble
“I cannot take a lot of salt in my food.”

We can prepare meals with low protein, high calorie with limited amount of potassium and salt. In short, we will provide food according to your condition and your doctor’s advice.

miso soup→miso soup with more stock and less salt
soy sauce→low-salt soy sauce
salad→cooked vegetables

You are welcome to bring your own low-protein rice. We will use this for your course meal warmed and served in the usual way.

Vegetarian and Vegan
“I don’t eat any meat, fish or animal products.”

Even if you don’t eat soup made with fish/meat-based stock or any other animal products such as egg, honey, dairy products, we are happy to cater to your needs.

Please let us know what you don’t want to eat with as much detail as possible. We will change the menu accordingly.

We will replace all the fish and meat with vegetables, types of tofu (fresh tofu, yuba and fried tofu), wheat gluten, etc. As for the soup stock, we will use konbu kelp and shiitake mushroom instead of tuna.


We will do our utmost to meet your requests. However, all the cooking is done in the same space with the cooking utensils being washed and reused.

Allergy reactions differ greatly from one individual to another. If you have a severe allergic reaction to the following examples, please let us know with as much detail as possible.

  • You have reaction to a fried food item if the oil was previously used to fry the allergen.
  • You have reaction to even a small amount of extract of a food item you are allergic to.